ODW_Artist Bio

OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING. The great lost group of the early 1980s. Ersatz pop brilliance. Electro heaven. Synth style. Nightlife. Fashion. Ideas. Life. Named after a section of greeting’s cards, ODW formed in San Francisco in 1979 but relocated to New York soon afterwards, just in time to catch the Transatlantic OMD/Human League/Tubeway Army-lead synth wave that was breaking on American shores (though they dismissed many of their contemporaries as gimmicky, and cited the likes of Kraftwerk and Suicide as their true influences.)

Punk in outlook – everything was played live without sequencers – but pop in aesthetics and always oozing aloofness, the trio of Keith Silva (vocals/synths), Layne Rico (synths) and Scott Simons (sax /synths) got hell from audiences for eschewing the traditional set-up of drums and guitars. But they were also soon the support band of choice to the likes of Duran Duran, U2, Iggy Pop and The Psychedelic Furs.

Undeniably they delivered at least one classic single in the shape of ‘Lawnchairs’. The rhythmic sound of early English electro transplanted Stateside, it was an instant favourite in the hippest of clubs and college rock stations alike, and eventually sold a million copies. But pop music is a cruel mistress and though it only scraped to #49 in the UK singles chart in August 1981 ‘Lawnchairs’ nevertheless remains a high point in the history of synthesized pop and its influence evident in bands who followed in their wake. An EP produced by Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Talk Talk) for EMI followed before they released their debut album Moving Windows in 1982.

A visionary work, Moving Windows saw the trio embracing aesthetics and rhythms of hip-hop way before most other bands. A failure to match the success of ‘Lawnchairs’ however meant that ODW split in 1983. Three decades on their recorded work clearly sits equidistantly between punk, disco, electro, new wave, hip-hop and the avant-garde and for that reason alone OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING should be recognised as a visionary force in pop’s evolution.


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