Everyone needs a little DIGITAL STIMULATION!

FUTURISMO are beyond excited to announce that finally, after 35 long years! we will have the privilege to be the first label ever to re-release one of the most sort out and revered electronic albums of the early 1980’s – Digital Stimulation by UNITS.

Units_DS Announcement

Inspired by punk in ideology, though not necessarily in sound, San Francisco’s UNITS were a young breed of dystopic visionaries and trash culture futurists intent on reshaping sound for a new age. Their influence has stretched all the way through synthpunk and new wave pop into the most contemporary electro.

Originally released in 1980, Digital Stimulation was UNITS true calling card and masterpiece. Containing the now famous opener ‘High Pressure Days’, this is a time capsule brought up from the dawn of the digi-age; all metronomical rhythms, wry lines and ice-cold delivery…part of a lineage that includes Neu!, Tubeway Army, ‘Being Boiled’-era Human League and Cabaret Voltaire, making this a vital recording for anyone interested in electronic music at all – past or present. It’s relevance reinstated by the recent remixes and coverage by contemporary musicians including Erol Alkan, Health and Todd Terje.

Coming early Summer 2015 for a Worldwide release FUTURISMO present a redux version of this long out of print LP on 180g limited edition coloured vinyl, as well as never before released CD, both containing new stylized artwork, imagery and extras.

There’s no gratification without Digital Stimulation. This summer get ready for the climax, only on FUTURISMO.

UNITS > ‘Warm Moving Bodies’ from Digital Stimulation