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James Chances’ CONTORTIONS ‘Buy’ lp. OUT NOW!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

On March 16th, prepare to get contorted! FUTURISMO and James Chance give you the long awaited ultimate version of BUY, the influential No Wave classic by the CONTORTIONS. This incredible slab of avant jazz/disco punk, containing the famous ‘Contort Yourself’, is a must for fans of No Wave and postmodern music. Jagged and infectiously danceable, BUY’s influence has helped shape the sounds of post-punk beyond measure.

Contortions_Releases B LP Image

Fully remastered and featuring two bonus tracks, FUTURISMOs’ version of this lp comes on heavy 180g vinyl in two Limited Edition colours – Lounge Smoke and Jazz Static, in addition is a Free download containing extra live tracks. This stunning package is encased in a mirror varnished gatefold sleeve with spot printed neon ink and contains a brand new large 12pg booklet featuring rare photography by the late great fashionista, photographer and muse – Anya Phillips, not to mention new text written by the legendary James Chance himself!

Available to ORDER NOW from our online store, Futurismo No.5 is available in all good record stores worldwide.


Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Come contort yourself…the New York No Wave classic from the CONTORTIONS is back! It’s just over 35 years since James Chance first assaulted turntables with the juddering jazz punk fusion that permeate the tracks immortalised on BUY.

James Chance_BUY Announcement

Under the moniker CONTORTIONS, explosive saxophonist JAMES CHANCE… aka James White, alongside several other noted New York art scene luminaries, spearheaded a sub-genre dubbed No Wave; a deconstructionist approach to rock ‘n’ roll that mirrored New Yorks degradation and dissonance through avant garde compositions and articulated noise, considered by many to be the missing link between modern jazz and punk.

BUY is a bittersweet pill of funk disco nihilism, with tracks such as ‘Contort Yourself’, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Happy’ and ‘Roving Eye’ serving as testaments to how jagged, confrontational and arresting a genuinely infectious groove can be. It’s no surprise BUY’s influence is evident everywhere from Sonic Youth through to acid jazz.

So now, 35 years later, FUTURISMO and James Chance are proud to present the Redux version of this influential LP. Remastered and featuring two bonus tracks recorded at a brief reformation, this LP will come on heavy 180g limited edition coloured vinyl with free download, encased in a mirror varnished gatefold sleeve containing a booklet featuring rare photography by the late great Anya Phillips and newly written text by the legendary James Chance himself.

Get hip, get contorted. Don’t think just BUY. Coming early 2015.

CONTORTIONS > ‘Designed To Kill’ from BUY