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DEVO ‘Total Devo’ Deluxe 2xLP and 2xCD OUT NOW!

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Long out of print and never reissued on vinyl, FUTURISMO proudly present a super limited Deluxe edition of DEVO’s 1988 album – Total Devo, in time for its 30th Anniversary! Over the years this totally underrated lp has become a fan favourite, aswell as a prediction of these unsettling times we live in, so it seems only fitting it’s right now that Total Devo gets its first time reissue.

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Back in 1988, when the airwaves were being homogenized by vapid pop, DEVO set about creating their first album in four years. The result was this slice of overt irony, a dance orientated, back to basics, emotionally arch selection – including now classics ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Disco Dancer’ – that twisted pop on it’s head by imitating in part the very music it mocked. Despite its industrial edge and unusual trademark quirk, the concept was perhaps so honest at the time that the joke was inevitably lost, but in the years since hindsight has it serving as a testament to another of DEVO‘s misunderstood works of art.
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This summer, FUTURISMO give every truly discerning DEVO fan the out of print release they’ve been been craving, a very limited pressing of Total Devo Deluxe. Each gatefold lp set includes 2x180g limited edition coloured vinyl in the choice of ‘Defcon Disco’, ‘Totally Agitated’ or ‘Happy Sad’. Included alongside the original album are remixes, demos and unheard tracks unearthed from the archives. The records come in a spot laminated gatefold sleeve that shows illustrations and logos when viewed in a certain light, it contains a huge double sided poster with unseen pictures and brand new liner notes by Gerald V. Casale of DEVO, and two collectable photographic postcards! Making this an essential addition to the collection of any agitated spud.

Available NOW from the FUTURISMO Online Store. Only while stocks last!

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