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NUTTY BUDDY only at DEVOtional 2015!

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

To celebrate DEVOtional 2015 we have created a limited edition cassette containing ‘Nutty Buddy’, a lost transmission from FUTURISMO’s release of the 1977 live extravaganza, the Miracle Witness Hour. These professionally manufactured products contain full colour inserts and ink stamped fire red cassettes placed inside hot pink plastic cases.

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These cassettes will be given away Free to the first 100 spuds to purchase advance tickets to the event. Only a handful of copies will be available after the event to purchase at the FUTURISMOSTORE.

The event will take place in Cleveland, Ohio on 14th/15th Aug and feature special guests including DEVO‘s Gerald Casale and GLEAMING SPIRES‘ David Kendrick, who also performed in DEVO at the tailend of the 80’s.

To purchase your tickets for DEVOtional 2015 and get your free cassette go HERE, before it’s too late!

Beautiful Mutants, set your clocks to DEVOTIME!

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Spuds rejoice! For it is with great pleasure FUTURISMO can proudly announce Futurismo No.2 and No.3 will be the Vinyl and CD versions of the mighty DEVO‘s Miracle Witness Hour!

Gleaming Spires_SOTS Cover Big

In 1977 DEVO played an intimate show to an eager handful at biker bar turned total dive The Eagle Street Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio. Unbeknown to those canny onlookers, they were to testify to the healing power of DEVO! But what of us now? Beautiful mutants fear not, FUTURISMO are here to rectify your late party syndrome. Televised through the antennas of time we give you DEVO’s most intimate unreleased live record ever – Miracle Witness Hour!

Released for the first time on any format, this remastered document of de-evolution is finally given the attention it truly deserves. A rare glimpse into the embryonic stages of the groundbreaking band way before the masses knew how to ‘whip-it good’, the Miracle Witness Hour boasts primal versions of the bands most recalled avant-pop songs such as ‘Jocko Homo’ and ‘Mongoloid’ moments before Brian Eno got his hands on them, juxtaposed against some of their rarer experimental gems. Seemingly fitting for the kind of off the wall experience that would have DEVO’s dehumanised art house sci-fi set against the backdrop of Eagle Streets’ dingy and ruptured old world interior, it’s the playful live imperfections in this recording that genuinely make the Miracle Witness Hour an original and intimate experience – so intimate you can make out individual handclaps of the sparse crowd.

This thrilling record from FUTURISMO will be released on three different Vinyl colours and CD format with exciting artwork and Die-cut packaging, enforcing the bands forward thinking approach to the aesthetics that shaped the following decade. Containing rare images and new liner notes by DEVO founding member Gerald Casale.

Available from our online store and local record stores worldwide from November 24th.

DEVO > ‘Uncontrollable Urge’ from Miracle Witness Hour