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The Key To Your Future!

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Futurismo_Futurismo Atomic Logo

Welcome to FUTURISMO.
We are a new company hoping to fill the void of boredom in the consumer consciousness.
Our aim is to release music and other creative artefacts that resonate with you and those sentiments you may have feared lost. Whether it’s in the form of a brand new release or a redux reissue of something great, we hope you will see their importance as much as we do. We don’t care whether your life is a milieu of cocktail parties or a series of empty glances at a dystopian bus stop, please join us. The telephone to tomorrow is on the hook and yesterday ain’t gonna stop calling anytime soon.
After all, Andre Breton wasn’t kidding when he said “existence is everywhere”, so why fight it?
The future is now.