OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING were one of the most underrated American synth bands of the early 1980’s and Moving Windows is the proof! For the first time since it’s original release, FUTURISMO give you a redux reissue of this incredible forgotten electronic gem on LP…and for the first time ever, on CD! Also included within this newly designed release alongside ODW’s milestone 1982 album tracks are the five songs featured on their unmissable Digital Cowboy ep, which includes their dancefloor hit Lawnchairs.

Units_ATDA Cover

To top off this first time reissue we have included the original uncensored cover photo by Anders Nordström (deemed too risqué at the time) as well as his unseen photos of ODW housed in a fold-out inner sleeve that also contains liner notes by Scott Simon.

OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING have posthumously been described as synthpunk, along with other innovators such as Units and Screamers, yet despite this, they knew how to write a pop song. Their signature track Lawnchairs instated ODW into clubland ethos by becoming a instant dance floor hit and remains a high point in the history of synthesized pop. Produced by the mega-talents of both David Spradley (Funkadelic) and Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Iggy Pop), and featuring no sequencers whatsoever, this version of Moving Windows takes their sound that one step further.

FUTURISMO present this incredible LP remastered from the original tapes, on your choice of 2 different Limited Edition 180g vinyl colours complete with download, and a never before released CD version.

Available to Order NOW from the FUTURISMO Online Store.

OUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING > ‘Auto Music’ from Moving Windows

UNITS ‘Animals They Dream About’ unreleased 1982 LP/CD is OUT NOW!

In 2015 FUTURISMO brought you the first ever reissue of UNITS 1980 electronic cult classic Digital Stimulation. This year FUTURISMO bring you something by the UNITS NEVER released before!! Coming to turntables for the first time, UNITS unreleased 2nd album – Animals They Dream About, co-produced by legendary musician/producer Bill Nelson.

Units_ATDA Cover

Shelved since 1982 due to label issues at the time, UNITS unreleased sophomore LP Animals They Dream About finally sees the light of day for all to hear, taking the bands synthpunk sound in a slightly more synthpop/new wave direction. At this point a four piece, UNITS still employed the live components and arch observation that were a key to their contemporary punk tinged electro sound, whilst embracing a greater sense of mood and melody. As the Eighties progressed some of the synth textures present here would become commonplace, but the UNITS were doing it back in 81 for the recording of this lost synth gem, making their 2nd LP something of a testament to what could have been had it not been for the cruel mistress that is the ‘music biz’.

OUT NOW for a Worldwide release FUTURISMO present this rare unreleased LP on 180g limited edition coloured vinyl – in your choice of ‘Wild DNA’ or ‘Concrete Zoo’, as well as a Digipak CD version. Salvaged and Remastered, this release also contains new artwork, unseen images, a huge poster, liner notes and hidden musical extras…this is your chance to grab a piece of electronic history that was almost lost forever.


UNITS > ‘Bones’ from Animal They Dream About

DEVO ‘EZ Listening Muzak’ Gatefold LP/CD available NOW!

Don’t cry over spilt Advocaat! The DEVO EZ Listening Muzak Box Sets maybe SOLD OUT…but the good news is we now have some Limited Edition Gatefold Versions for your pleasure. Whether you’re entertaining guests with a bout of cheese and wine by the fire or throwing the cocktail party of the century, these mutated muzak lounge versions of DEVO classics – released for the first time as as Double Vinyl and Double CD Gatefold Sets – will be the perfect hors d’oeuvres for an evening of de-evolved fun.
Devo_EZ Gatefold LP Visual store
OUT NOW for a Worldwide release, FUTURISMO present these dashing Gold Printed Gatefold sleeves containing either 2 x 140g Simply Noir Vinyl or 2 x Compact Discs with Liner Notes by Gerald Casale and FREE Download, sure to instil your musical vocabulary with a mutated etiquette that can only be DEVO.