EZ Listening Muzak LP Box Set
Antique Walnut
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Gold foiled box
Heavy card sleeves
Exclusive Devo Swizzle Stick
Election Pin Button
Double Sided Poster
Cocktail Recipe
Liner Notes by Gerald V. Casale

Do you know your fondues from your fon-dont’s? Fear not spuds, Devo and Futurismo bring you the perfect soundtrack to your space-age bachelor or bachelorette pad with 21 tracks of pure unhinged sophistication - DEVO’s EZ Listening Muzak.

Whether you’re entertaining guests with a bout of cheese and wine by the fire or throwing the cocktail party of the century, these mutated muzak lounge versions of Devo classics such as ‘Whip It’, ‘Jocko Homo’ and ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ will be the perfect hors d’oeuvres for an evening of de-evolved fun.

Originally created as pre-concert mood setters, popularity and sound board thievery led to EZ Listening Muzak being sold back in the early 80’s as two fan club only cassettes. For the first time since, these revered recordings are officially released as Double Vinyl and Double CD Box Sets. But wait…also included alongside these cherished instrumentals of yesteryear is a Brand New EZ version of ‘Human Rocket’ - recorded exclusively for this release!

1. Gates Of Steel
2. Girl U Want
3. Come Back Jonee
4. Whip It
5. That’s Good
6. Jerkin’ Back And Forth
7. 4th Dimension
8. Shout (Hello Kitty)
9. Mongoloid
10. Pity You
11. Goin’ Under
12. Swelling Itching Brain
13. Jurisdiction Of Love
14. Peek-A-Boo!
15. Satisfaction
16. Space Junk
17. Time Out For Fun
18. It’s A Beautiful World
19. Jocko Homo
20. Shout
21. Human Rocket (Laughing Gas Version)