Original Soundtrack 2xLP
Multi Splatter Vinyl
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Multi Splatter Coloured Vinyl 2xLP
Available for the first time on any format
Released by Death Waltz Recording Co.

Over 25 years in the making! Death Waltz Recording Co. is extremely proud to bring you both the score and the songs featured in Alex Winter and Tom Stern’s FREAKED – available for the first time in any format.

This 2xLP set features all new artwork from inventor of Strata-Cut clay animation David Daniels (who did the original, mind-melting opening credit sequence for the film) and features liner notes by directors Tom Stern and Alex Winter

Disc 1 features songs from the movie from the likes of Butthole Surfers, Blind Idiot God, Henry Rollins, Axiom Funk (George Clinton & Bill Laswell) and Iggy Pop.

Disc 2 features Kevin Kiner’s original score, which is so good that it could easily rival any number of Amblin’s films from the ‘80s. Kiner’s music is incredibly nuanced, yet playful and bombastic (in a good way) that it is a revelation when listened to independent of the film.

1. Freaked - Performed by Henry Rollins & Blind Idiot God

2. Gumby Jack Flash - Performed by Paul Leary

3. Rip/Stop - Performed by Blind Idiot God

4. Butter Queen - Performed by Butthole Surfers

5. Midget Man Skank - Performed by Blind Idiot God
6. Sweat Loaf - Performed by Butthole Surfers

7. Hideous Mutant Freekz - Performed by Axiom Funk
8. Gluehead Stomp - Performed by Blind Idiot God
9. Pick-a-Freek - Performed by Tim Burns

10. Freekz (Demo) Performed by Iggy Pop

11. Intro

12. Sky's Theme

13. Reveal Machine

14. Outside Plane

15. Reprise - Freak Show

16. Glad That Wasn't Our Plane

17. Troll

18. Decisions

19. Freakland

20. Butterfly - Toad

21. This Could Be Trouble

22. Laughing Man
23. Bob Villa

24. Who's It Going To Be

25. Phantom Troll

26. You're A Freak

27. Stewie's Mission

28. Vaudville

29. Mr. T's Makeup Lesson

30. Sockhead's Shame

31. Shakespeare

32. EES Beheading

33. Milkman - Escape

34. Milkman Fight

35. Interminal Plan

36. Freaked March

37. Sneaking Out

38. Crooked Cops

39. Sockhead Dies

40. Freaked Suite - Butt Ugly, But Funny

41. Stewie Saved

42. Macheezmo

43. Macaroons

44. March of the Freaks

45. Wrap Up