The Paisley Underground 82-86 CD

Gloss laminated digipak sleeve
Fold-out featuring photos
Liner notes by Lisa Fancher

Pre-order ships 24th September

Futurismo proudly celebrate the Paisley Underground scene with TWISTED DREAM MACHINE The Paisley Underground / California’s Psychedelic Renaissance: 1982-1986, the next volume in their Altered Vision compilation series.

This collection draws from the neo psychedelic movement that took hold in California during the early to mid 80’s, one that melded the psychedelia, country, garage rock, avant-garde and pop of the 60’s with the DIY ethos of the then burgeoning punk scene, a hypnotic amalgamation of sound that came in staunch contrast to the blown out sonic excesses of the time.

Twisted Dream Machine takes you on a trip from the city to the desert, as the kaleidoscope of noise drifts from the The Dream Syndicate’s Velvet Underground inspired take on Crazy Horse and The Three O’Clock’s chiming baroque powerpop, to Rain Parade’s dreamy Beatlesesque melodies and the Bangles hook-laden Love inspired pop. Also featured are the wondrous sounds of Green On Red, The Long Ryder’s, Game Theory, True West, Thin White Rope and others highly worth your attention. If you are not familiar with some of the bands here, you will surely question how that is possible.

The Paisley Underground, if anything, encapsulated a certain musical mindset, an outlook where the past and the future would collide in the moment. This thread would bond the bands, yet each honed its own sound in a twisted incarnation of the seeds planted two decades earlier. Whilst the ‘scene’ did remain contained, its influence did in fact spread throughout mainstream culture as the Bangles stuck a chord into the heart of MTV, whilst Prince took inspiration from the movement in his own songwriting and the naming of Paisley Park, as well as signing The Three O’Clock to his label and writing one of the Bangles biggest hits.

As you listen to the tracks on Twisted Dream Machine you will be reminded that there is still music left to discover and inspire, this compilation is aimed to hopefully delight longtime fans, as well as ignite a passion for those new to the bands. The Paisley Underground was the sound of neo psychedelic rock, it was subterranean the classic sense, it was alternative rock before the term existed, a distillation of the fundamentals present at the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, with a twist.

The bands of the Paisley Underground may have been writing out of their own time, but as you listen to them in today’s context these songs should be heard as landmarks, rather than throwbacks. After all, nothing this good should stay underground.

This CD is housed in a gloss laminated digipak and contains a fold-out poster with unseen photos and liner notes by Lisa Fancher of Frontier.

1. The Three ‘O’ Clock - Jet Fighter
2. The Rain Parade - Don’t Feel Bad
3. True West - Lucifer Sam
4. Bangles - Going Down To Liverpool
5. Thin White Rope - Down In The Desert
6. Game Theory - 24
7. The Dream Syndicate - Definitely Clean
8. The Long Ryders - Too Close To The Light
9. Green On Red - Illustrated Crawling
10. 28th Day - Pages Turn
11. The Dream Syndicate - That’s What You Always Say
12. The Pandoras - In And Out Of My Life (In A Day)
13. The Long Ryders - Ivory Tower
14. The Three ‘O’ Clock - With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend
15. Bangles - All About You
16. The Rain Parade - Talking In My Sleep
17. The Three ‘O’ Clock - Her Heads Revolving
18. True West - Shot You Down
19. Wednesday Week - If Only
20. Thin White Rope - Exploring The Axis
21. The Rain Parade - Mystic Green
22. Green On Red - Lost World